31. Oktober 2019: The Dead Don't Die (OV, Garching)


Jimbo ist 13. Er kann nur an ein Mädchen denken, Sarah Jane. Und egal, was ihm im Weg steht - Schikanen, Gewalt, Chaos, Zombies - nichts wird ihn aufhalten können auf seinem Weg in ihre Welt. (Länge: 14:24 Min.)

The Dead Don't Die

Sweden, USA (2019)

ab 16 Dolby Digital 1,85:1
Regie: Jim Jarmusch
Schauspieler: Bill Murray, Adam Driver, Tom Waits
104 Minuten
Forget all the cliches you know about zombie movies and get ready for some fourth-wall-breaking comedy.

The picturesque town of Centerville usually doesn’t require huge effort from the local police officers. The most exciting part of their job is to settle differences between local farmers.

But this is about to change when strange things start happening in the neighborhood: brutal assaults on citizens, rashly accredited to wild animals – but the empty graves in the local cemetery suggest a different cause.

Soon it becomes clear: zombies have taken over the town. But none of the knowledge the townsfolk may have gathered from watching movies or the like will help in this case, because these zombies are something else. Most of them crave not only human flesh, but other things they used to like while they were alive – including coffee, chardonnay and playing tennis.

To overcome the threat, the police officers need assistance from none other than Zelda, the local undertaker with Scottish roots. She has a knack for dead bodies and also for wielding a samurai sword.

A most glorious send-up of zombie films complete with anarchic cheerleading and bonus jabs at liberal smugness. A superb cast of thoroughly wasted performances sacrificed on the altar of heedless enjoyment. (Ron Wilkinson - It’ Just Movies)