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Du wolltest schon immer mal hinter die Kulissen eines richtigen Kinos schauen und selber an Vorstellungen mitwirken? Dann komm vorbei! Wir treffen uns dienstags um 19 Uhr am oberen mittleren Eingang des HS 1200 oder donnerstags um 19 Uhr vor dem MW1801 und starten von dort jeweils aus unsere Arbeit als Kinobetreiber.

Über tu-film@tu-film.de kannst du uns auch jederzeit erreichen.

Die nächsten Termine:

28. Mai: Anatomy of a Fall (english with english subtitles)

In an isolated mountain chalet near Grenoble, novelist Sandra Voyter's life takes a dramatic turn when her husband, university lecturer Samuel Maleski, dies under mysterious circumstances. Sandra faces accusations of homicide and has to prove her innocense. A complex web of secrets, conflicts, and emotional turmoil emerges during the ensuing trial. With conflicting accounts and evidence, the truth becomes increasingly elusive, leading to a...

4. Juni: Argylle

6. Juni: Dune: Part Two (Garching, english)

House Atreides has fallen. And while Princess Irulan Corrino continues her secret recordings, Paul Atreides and Lady Jessica join the Fremen. On Arrakis, Jessica is presented with the challenge of replacing the Reverend Mother by drinking the deadly Water of Life and inheriting the memories of her female ancestors. Meanwhile, Paul is accepted by the Fremen and learns their ways, falling in love with Chani and taking the name...

11. Juni: The Truman Show (english)

Truman Burbank doesn't know that his life is a big fat lie. Adopted by a television studio as an infant, his every move has been televised unbeknownst to him. Growing up, falling in love, graduating from school, becoming an insurance salesman, every moment of his life staged, brought to life by actors and filled with products to advertise.

However the well-kept studio facade literally begins to crumble as ratings wane and...