29. November 2022: Guns Akimbo (OV: English)

Kurzfilm: Fire in Cardboard City

Wolkenkratzer, Autos, panische Menschen in den Straßen: Da in dieser Welt alles aus Pappe ist, greifen nach einem Unfall die Flammen um sich. Als auch das Löschwasser Feuer fängt, ist die Katastrophe perfekt. (Länge: 9:00 Min.)

Guns Akimbo

Deutschland, Neuseeland, UK (2019)

ab 16 Dolby Digital CinemaScope
Regie: Jason Howden
Schauspieler: Daniel Radcliffe, Samara Weaving, Ned Dennehy
98 Minuten
Two handfuls of action

Nerdy programmer Miles Lee Harris is often belittled by his boss. He finds compensation in trolling trolls on the Internet. Actually, not just trolls, he likes to make fun of everyone.

However, one day when he comes across the criminal streaming service SKIZM, he makes a serious mistake. He starts trolling in chats, while in the associated streams psychopaths and criminals kill each other in illegal gladiator fights. The boss of SKIZM, Riktor, decides to put an end to his activities and visits Miles one evening in his apartment.

When Miles wakes up he has a GPS tracker implanted and a gun brutally bolted to each hand. Suddenly, he's the protagonist in one of the streams he was following not long ago. He against the star fighter of the show, Nix. And it turns out with two guns on his hands it's hard to ask for help from others ...

The comedic bullet bonanza that is Guns Akimbo checks all the boxes for a film festival midnight madness movie. (John Lui, The Straits Times)