17. Januar 2017: Eddie the Eagle (OV)

Kurzfilm: Careful with that Crossbow

Ein kleiner Junge amüsiert sich im Park indem er eine Armbrust abfeuert – auf seine Schwester. (Länge: 1:45 Min.)

Eddie the Eagle

UK, USA, Deutschland (2016)

o.A. Dolby Digital CinemaScope
Regie: Dexter Fletcher
Schauspieler: Taron Egerton, Hugh Jackman, Iris Berben, Christopher Walken, Marc Benjamin
106 Minuten
You do not have to win a competition in order to be the winner

It is the biggest dream of the Briton Michael Edwards to participate in the Olympic Games. Whether swimminng, running or jumping, Eddie cannot find a sport which fits him. But why should Eddie just try to be part of the Olympic Games? Maybe the Olympic Winter Games are calling him.

Eddie starts ski-jumping and takes part in a couple of international competitions. Even though he is hardly talented, his motivation remains unbroken. This also impresses the ex-ski-star Bronson Peary who begins to teach him.

Eddie becomes one oft he most popular participants of the Olympic Winter Games. Especially his big horn-rimmed glasses, prominent jaw and moustache, which is remindful of a pornostar, make him distinctive. He is not the classic athlet who generates nearly inhuman performances. Instead, Eddie is someone who is lucky if he can just participate in a competition.

A feel good movie about losers with lots of respect and love. (Sensacine)

Touching, fun, unforgettable, greatly produced, and enjoyable from start to finish. (Reforma)