4. Dezember 2012: Dead Poets Society (OmU)

Dead Poets Society

USA (1989)

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ab 12 Dolby SR 1,85:1
Regie: Peter Weir
Schauspieler: Robin Williams, Robert Sean Leonard, Ethan Hawke, Josh Charles
128 Minuten
Carpe Diem!
1959, Welton Academy, an old fashioned, all-boys, elite prep school run by the strict headmaster Gale Nolan, who strives for “tradition, honour, discipline and excellence”. However, when the new English teacher John Keating arrives with his out of the ordinary teaching methods, he inspires a group of senior students to challenge the traditions of the school. Keating urges the students to think for themselves and constantly reminds them to “seize the day”.
A small group of students rebels against the school by restarting the Dead Poets Society after discovering Keating used to be a member himself. The new motivational teaching methods cause the students to follow their career dreams, overcome their shyness and fall in love. The boys challenge not only the school but also their strict, overbearing parents.
When things go horribly wrong, the boys need to decide where their loyalties lie, with their family, school and future, or with their new, inspirational, freethinking English teacher.
Solid, smart entertainment. (Washington Post)

Serves as a reminder of why passion is so important in life, and how literature is much more than words on a page. (CinemaBlend.com)