2. Juli 2020: Bombshell - Das Ende des Schweigens


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Bombshell - Das Ende des Schweigens

USA, Canada (2019)

ab 12 Dolby Digital CinemaScope
Regie: Jay Roach
Schauspieler: Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie
109 Minuten
The fight against sexual harassment: a true story

Roger Ailes founded the conservative news broadcaster “Fox News“ in 1996. However, he abused his position of power within the station to sexually assault female employees.

Megyn Kelly is one of the broadcaster’s biggest stars. She suddenly finds herself in the spotlight after she “attacked“ Donald Trump over his sexist comments at a debate.

Kayla Popisil is a young conservative woman that almost religiously venerates Fox News. During her attempt to ascend the career ladder within the network, she too must endure sexual harassment by Roger Ailes.

Gretchen Carlson, ex-host of “Fox and Friends“, has to endure the regular sexist comments of her fellow hosts and bosses at her shows. Following a consultation with her lawyers she realizes that an indictment of Roger Ailes appears to be the only effective option to end this circle – an extremely difficult proposition. Additionally, when Gretchen accuses Roger of sexual harassment in court, he denies all accusations.

Ultimately all those women must fight together to uncover the truth.

“Bombshell” is a scalding and powerful movie about what selling, in America, has become. The film is about selling sex, selling a candidate, selling yourself, selling the truth. And about how at Fox News all those things came together. (variety.com)