14. Mai 2020: Sonic the Hedgehog (OV)


(Länge: :0 Min.)

Sonic the Hedgehog

USA (2020)

ab 6 Dolby Digital CinemaScope
Regie: Jeff Fowler
Schauspieler: Ben Schwartz, Tika Sumpter, Jim Carrey
99 Minuten
The speediest hedgehog the world has ever seen is on a mission to save the world

Sonic the hedgehog likes to go fast, really fast. And the best: he is perfectly capable of doing so! Faster than an eye can blink he runs at supersonic speed through his homeland eventhough he es not supposed to do so because his powers are sought by many bad guys.

And soon it happens: Sonic is chased by a group of evil animals and only with the help of his wise tutor he is able to escape to a distant world thanks to some magical rings. Since this fatal day Sonic lives in solitude and has to run from one world to another as soon as the situations becomes precarious. Right now he is hiding on earth and likes it a lot. He is living in a hollow near a small town in the USA and the only thing he’s missing is a friend.

One day, when Sonic runs a bit to fast, he causes a power outage which calls the evil genius Dr. Robotnik on the map, who wants to fullfil his wish of world domination by the power hidden in Sonic’s quills. Sonic hides in the house of the local sheriff Tom and maybe can finally find a friend here? But first they have to run from Dr. Robotnik!

Respectful of the rich history of the brand and yet welcoming to newcomers, “Sonic the Hedgehog” is a feel-good buddy movie for both adults and their own little aliens. (apnews.com)