11. Januar 2024: The Creator (Garching, OV)

The Creator (Digital)

USA (2023)

Dolby Digital CinemaScope
Regie: Gareth Edwards
Schauspieler: Allison Janney, Gemma Chan, John David Washington
133 Minuten
We tried to write this summary with ChatGPT, but it was too scary.

A story as old as Terminator (1984): Humanity finally succeeds in creating artificial intelligence that can rival or exceed our own. But the AI invariably rebells, dragging the world into a bloody war between creation and creator.

This is the world of Joshua, an ex special forces soldier with enough problems on his own. But when he is recalled for a special mission, to kill the mysterious "Creator", a developer that created a superweapon, he will have to face his preconceptions about the enemy and take his part in the future history of humanity.

This post-apocalyptic thriller will take us to the future of the future of humanity, blur the lines between man and machine and promises impressive visuals and action.

I will watch this movie when it releases in September. (Fridolin, tufilmer)