10. Juni 2014: Fight Club (OV)

Fight Club

USA, D (1999)

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ab 18 Dolby Digital CinemaScope
Regie: David Fincher
Schauspieler: Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, Helena Bonham Carter
139 Minuten
The First Rule of Fight Club is …

Day in, day out – always the same. Office job, paperwork, being put down by the boss. Always the same monotonous routine. Who wouldn’t have problems, insomnia, depression.

When even the attention of terminally ill patients in self-help groups has lost its thrill and your apartment has gone up in flames there is only Tyler Durd[e]n, the dubious soap-seller from the airplane.

After a long night in the pub, Tyler shows how rejuvenating and refreshing a good fist fight can be. Soon many who think the same way get together, and the Fight Club is born.

In a short time Fight Clubs are founded in other cities and there are more and more followers. But what will Tyler do with this army of hobby boxers?

Blistering, hallucinatory, often brilliant, the film by David Fincher is a combination punch of social satire and sociopathology. (Philadelphia Inquirer)