29. Mai 2016: The Assassin (OmeU, Chinesisches Filmfest München)

The Assassin

Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Frankreich (2015)

ab 16 1,37:1
Regie: Hsiao-Hsien Hou
Schauspieler: Qi Shu, Chen Chang, Satoshi Tsumabuki, Yun Zhou
105 Minuten
Mercy is not devine, it is human.

During the 9th century in China, Nie Yinniang is kidnapped at the age of ten. It is the time of the Tang Dynasty when her new master decides that Nie shall be raised by a nun in order to become an assassin. During the next years, Nie is trained as her mentor’s weapon, intended to slay corrupt government officals.

Unfortunately, it is her first order which makes her fail. Nie reaches her own boundaries of humanity which she cannot pass. The master’s instructions remain unfulfilled.

Therefore Nie has to deal with the consequences: After 13 years in exile, she is sent back to her homeland. In her luggage a new order of cruelty. Nie has to kill governor Tian Jian, the man she has once been betrothed to and whom she still loves. The young woman has to face a new inner conflict between her duties as an assassin and the voice of her heart. Nie visits her parents, hoping that they can help her. She does not know what she will find there and wonders whether the long years of absence have left too deep wounds between parents and child.

This is a work of strange and subtle power, unlike anything else you’ll see this year, and an extraordinary comeback from a necessary filmmaker. (telegraph.co.uk)