7. Juni 2016: Good Morning, Vietnam (OV)

Good Morning, Vietnam (Digital)

USA (1987)

ab 12 Dolby SR 1,85:1
Regie: Barry Levinson
Schauspieler: Robin Williams, Forest Whitaker
121 Minuten
Laughing Makes Life Easier

In 1965 Adrian Cronauer arrives in Seigon to work as a disc jockey for the US Army in Vietnam. On his first show, it already becomes evident that his mood is overwhelming, his jokes are infectious and his taste of music hits the spirit of time. Especially rock and roll music sweeps the soldiers away. Adrian is not the kind of man who wants to make plain, uncritical radio shows. However, he is not always faced with support by his colleagues.

During his stay in Vietnam, Adrian gets to know some of the Vietnamese population in Seigon, learns about their life and how they feel about the presence of the US Army. He also witnesses the violence and relentlessness of the Viet Cong and wonders whether there is anyone in this country you can trust. Is there any reason to entertain US soldiers by making jokes and playing rock and roll music, while so many people die every day?

Mr. Williams’s performance, though it’s full of uproarious comedy, is the work of an accomplished actor. “Good Morning, Vietnam” is one man’s tour de force. (The New York Times)